Translatinor Full Specification

Core Functionality

I have chosen to create a translation memory (TM) editor for my project. I have completed all of the core functionality outlined by the specification to a high standard following the principles of object oriented development to ensure code maintainability. My focus at this stage in the assignment was on stability and consistency within the application. A brief description of each piece of functionality implemented is outlined below:


The focus of the extensions was to make translating resx documets using Translatinor simpler and more efficient for users. Users of this application have been identified as translators working in the field of L10n. A brief description of extra functionality is outlined below:


Translatinor has been tested and has successfully completed translations to Chinese, Germand and Arabic. After each translation theTMXValidator.exe tool has been used to verify that the TMX complies to TMX standards.

In summary, Translatinor meets all of the specifications outlined by the project task sheet. It respects the outlined standards for data, display and exchanges. As a result output files can be successfully parsed by third party applications without error. FurtherEasmore, a diverse range of extension tasks have also been completed to make the application more efficient for a human user. The application has undergone robust testing and been modified as a result on a number of occasions. All code was written with appropriate use of white spaces and comments.