Post date: Oct 23, 2011 8:48:47 AM

During my second semester of my MIT I undertook a project I named Translatinor. Tranlatinor is a tool that may be used by teams that are internationalising software. It takes a resx file, finds strings within it that may need to be translated, finds translations for the strings using existing translation memories (TMX files) and Google Translate and then presents the translations to the user for moderation. These translations can then be entered into an application specific translation memory. This translation memory may then be used to generate localised resx files.

The significance of this project is that it was the first parallel program that I have individually developed. Secondly, it is a tool that could be used by the internationalisation community. Please follow the links below for more information.

Complete specification of Translatinor

Undertaking the parallelisation of Translatinor

Translatinor source code

Translatinor compiled